Today I discovered that a Facebook Group called Mission to Amish People has been discussing me. Here is the discussion;

I would like to comment on several of these posts so here goes;

One man says, “So, I see atheists can get lonely…. Lonely for what? This man just exposed an emptiness in his heart. Because he acknowledges it, and asks for something to fill it…

It is true that I get lonely but it’s not a secret longing for faith. I feel lonely because I don’t have friends that share my beliefs. How would you feel if you were the only Christian surrounded by atheists?

Now there is another issue I have that you’ll be happy to learn about – I suffer from existential depression at times. Religion pretends to answer a lot of metaphysical questions such as ‘why are we here’ and ‘what happens after we die’. As an atheist, some of these questions are left unanswered and others are answered in ways that I don’t like. However, the truth means so much to me that I can live with the depression that comes with it.

Another person says, “I wondered too why you are exposing others to this site , I got shivers reading just a few of the blogs , decided not to comment on the blog , just pray for him …I also think we need to pray for the unstable ones who read this blog that they wouldn’t be swayed by reading it …..

See what I mean about Christians thinking atheists are pure evil? I guess I can’t really blame them since from their point of view, we atheists are trying to get people that are on the path to being eternally happy and shoving them down the path of eternal suffering. I guess we pretty much fit the definition of “Satan” for them.

Another person says, “It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist. (yes, that is meant to be ironic). I’m sure they don’t see it as faith…but it really is. A false faith.

This is the premise for a fairly common argument against atheism but it’s completely invalid. It is invalid because atheism is a belief based on reasoned arguments. Faith is not.

The last poster says, “…I suspect that he has received enough condemnation already…

I could give that guy a hug. Finally, someone with the ability to look beyond their own feelings on the subject and see that I am a real person.