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Remember that tear-jerking scene in Episode 1 of Breaking Amish, where Jeremiah and his Amish girlfriend break up?

Jeremiah and Iva

Jeremiah and Iva

Image courtesy of TLC

Maybe one reason the two didn’t display much emotion, is simply because they never did love each other. New evidence suggests that this scene is just another staged scene.

A source was kind enough to send me a link to an Iva’s Facebook page. The Iva depicted in the photos on that page appears to be the same Iva shown on Breaking Amish. The source also said that Iva has always lived in Pennsylvania and never in Holmes County, Ohio where the scene was supposedly filmed. On the Facebook page, I found a lot of photos dating back to 2011 in which Iva isn’t dressed Amish. I think it’s reasonable to believe that Iva also left the Amish some time before filming began.

The screenshot below, shows a photo of Iva in New York City. The photo was uploaded to Facebook on December 23, 2011.

Iva in New York City, December 2011

Iva in New York City, December 2011

The images of Iva in addition to anecdotal evidence given by various sources, I believe, is reason to question the authenticity of the relationship between Jeremiah and Iva.

The screenshot below shows more of Iva’s photos:

Iva's Photos

Iva’s Photos

The screenshots above were taken from Iva’s public Facebook page several weeks ago. She has since set her page to private.