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This Sunday you can listen to me on Penn’s Sunday School. If all goes according to plan I’ll be on this Sunday (September 9, 2012) soon after noon Pacific time. If all does not go as planned then I’m sure I’ll be on some other Sunday.

Penn’s Sunday School is a podcast by comedian Penn Jillette–an outspoken libertarian and atheist. Penn Jillette might be best known as half of the Penn & Teller team–a duo of Vegas illusionists and stars of the television show Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

I first became familiar with Penn Jillette’s work through Penn & Teller: Bullshit! This funny, irreverent, and very skeptical television show tears apart many practices and beliefs that people generally take for granted. Even my very Christian girlfriend enjoyed the show although she would frequently shake her head at their irreverence and rampant blasphemy.

Penn Jillette is one of my favorite living atheists and when I first started my Twitter account several weeks ago, he was like the third person I followed. Right after Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, of course. Lo and behold, as I was perusing his most recent tweets I came upon one mentioning an ex-Amish atheist being on their show. I wanted to meet this guy (there are so few of us) so I tweeted at Jillette. It turns out the ex-Amish guy had been lying about being ex-Amish, what a bummer. Anyway, so I offered to be on their show if they wanted an ex-Amish person, and long story short, if all goes well, I’ll be on the show this coming Sunday.

This will be my first ever “public appearance” and I’m not sure how it will go. In real life I am a very introverted person that does not enjoy socializing. Alone and in my head, or when writing, I generally appear fairly intelligent, but discourse in a social context reduces me to a useless lump of quivering flesh. Hopefully, the veil of anonymity promised to me by the producer of Penn’s Sunday School will short-circuit that response so I don’t embarrass myself. Pray for me… just kidding 🙂