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The latest episode of Breaking Amish slides still deeper into what appears to be TLC’s bottomless pit of depravity. This episode is all about sex and they start off by accusing Amish everywhere of being perverts and happily engaging in bestiality. It is starting to look like TLC has some kind of vendetta against the Amish as episode after episode portrays the Amish as being pure evil.

First of all, do Amish men f*** animals? Unfortunately, it has happened. I know of two cases in which an Amish man allegedly (I believe it given the evidence I was presented with at the time) had sex with or attempted to have sex with farm animals. Is it common or widespread like the cast of Breaking Amish would have you believe? I don’t think so.

We see more fake dating by Abe and Rebecca (I say “fake” because they’ve been a couple for a long time and apparently even have a child. Rebecca was apparently married to another guy when she ran off with Abe. Rebecca and the other guy divorced in July of 2012. Apparently there is no limit to how low TLC will stoop when doing a “reality” show.

Jeremiah’s sexism reaches even more appalling lows in this episode as he calls a bunch of women “bitches”, visits a strip club and questions Abe’s masculinity for refusing to be there, and is adamant that women have to do all the laundry and other household chores. Jeremiah is a chauvinist pig. I cannot stress enough that Jeremiah is evil on his own–that kind of evil is not representative of Amish men in general.

In the latest episode of Breaking Amish, we see more melodrama as people cry, people make allegations, people get indignant, people fight (literally), people lie, people whine and complain, etc. These melodrama techniques are unfortunately, pretty common in today’s “reality” television programming which is why I almost never watch reality television. I just find it sickening to watch this kind of brain-rotting crap in which attention-seeking imbeciles engage in ridiculous antics intended to hold the attention of the morons of society so that they will eventually buy useless shit they don’t need and make morally bankrupt people a little more money (yes I know that I just insulted most people). Nevertheless, given my knowledge of the Amish, I feel morally compelled to continue watching in order to give my opinion so that people not so knowledgeable about the Amish aren’t completely deceived.