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Jeremiah Raber is one of the main characters on TLC’s new drama show Breaking Amish. On the show Jeremiah is portrayed as being Amish and experiencing life outside of the Amish for the first time. That is not true.

Jeremiah Hasn’t Been Amish for Years:

By some accounts, Jeremiah hasn’t been Amish for up to 14 years. Link

Jeremiah’s Myspace page has been deleted but by using Google’s page cache, we can still see it here, and here. Notice the picture thumbnails dating back to March 5, 2007 in which he isn’t dressed Amish.

If the links provided above don’t work for you, open the images below to see the cached Myspace pages I’m referring too. After clicking on a thumbnail, click “View full Size” and then click the picture and you should see the full-sized version.

Luckily for us, Jeremiah hadn’t set his Myspace profile to ‘private’. Note the children in several of the images are they his? Update: At the request of the mother, I have censored the pictures of the children. My deepest apologies go to her if I caused her any distress. I also censored the pictures of other people, since this page isn’t about them and there’s no reason to cause stress for them.

Divorce Records for Jeremiah Raber:

On February 10, 2011, Jeremiah’s wife filed for divorce against him, charging extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They had been married since February 27, 2005 and have three children. To see the court documents for yourself, go here and do a search for Last Name: Raber, and First Name: Jeremiah.

The Amish generally don’t accept back into the fold those that are divorced. So the scene in the first episode of Breaking Amish where Jeremiah tells his “girlfriend” that he’s leaving for New York, must be staged. If the girlfriend really was Amish, she would not be allowed to date Jeremiah. I’m just speculating here but possibly she is ex-Amish and an aspiring actress.

Even before the divorce case, Jeremiah was embroiled in custody and child support issues. Those court records can be found here by doing a search for Last Name: Raber, and First Name: Jeremiah.

Given all the above, is it any wonder that TLC didn’t reveal Jeremiah’s last name? Or that he had to delete his MySpace and Facebook profiles? His Facebook name used to be “Rebel Amish”. Now that page can’t be found. Update Sept. 21, 2012: It looks like the Facebook page is back online but using a different name.